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How to Get Rid of Dark Acne Spots?

how to get rid of dark acne spots

In the aftermath of acne, there can be a lot of scars and a lot of marks on your skin. Perhaps you are familiar with unpleasant spots even after your acne is long gone. If you do not start treating them as soon as possible, some of these marks and spots can become pretty dark as well and therefore becoming prominent and detoriating your appearance as well. Do not worry. We will tell you how to get rid of dark acne spots below.

If the appearance has been deteriorated due to these dark spots, there are ways to eliminate these dark spots so that you can look better again.


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Get Rid of Dark Spots Fast! Best Natural Ways for Acne Treatment

  1. Using honey:

Whenever you are using pure honey and applying it on the dark spots, the intensity of the dark spots would be automatically reduced. You need to make a mixture of honey and oatmeal and apply this for the dark spots and keep them overnight and in the morning you have to wash them off.


  1. Olive oil:

Among all the essential oils, olive oil is the most beneficial for your skin. If you look into the breakup of olive oil, you would find that it contains many vitamins and antioxidants. These antioxidants of the olive oils help in removing the dark spots of acne as well. This is on of our favourite remedies on how to get rid of dark acne spots.


You need to directly apply olive oil to the affected area and you have to let it be for a few minutes and then you have to take a clean cloth and you have to dip it in warm water and you have to place it on your face and then you had to rub off the olive oil with that cloth.


After doing so, you have to wash off your face with normal water after a couple of minutes.


Doing this at least once a day would ensure that the intensity of the dark acne spots on your skin is automatically reduced.


  1. Using potato:

You have to cut the potato in small slices and you have to place it on the dark spots. Then you have to rub it slightly in the circular motion as well. You need to do so until the slice of the potato is completely dry.


You have to do this for up to 20 minutes and you have to replace the slices when the slice turns dry.


After that, you have to wash off your face and apply moisturiser to your face.


You have to repeat this process at least 5 times a week and you have to continue doing so for at least 8 weeks to see any difference in the intensity of the dark spots which are caused because of acne.


So, when you use these 3 natural methods to reduce the spots due to acne, you would be able to see a visible difference and you would be able to eliminate them. Apply these techniques and you will know how to get rid of dark acne spots.

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