Acne Treatment

Laser Treatment for Acne


These days whenever you are suffering from acne, in addition to the normal methods which you can use to treat the problem of acne, you can opt for the laser treatment. Normally if you ask your doctor, the doctor would only be recommending the laser treatment in case the problem is very severe.


Most of the people classify the problem of acne as of a single type and the treatment of laser of a single type as well but this is not true.


Laser Treatment for Acne


There are many different types of laser treatments for acne as well which you can choose from.


  1. Fraxel Laser:

This type of laser treatment is known as photo rejuvenation and in this, the light is used to penetrate the skin. The light directly has an impact on the production of collagen. This is the chemical in our skin which improves the skin quality and therefore reduces the problem of acne as well. Up to 5 sessions are needed in order to solve the problem of acne entirely.


  1. Erbium Yag Laser:

These are also called Co2 laser and it actually eliminates the top layer of the skin and therefore along with that the acne is eliminated as well. This treatment is pretty risky and therefore you have to do is that only when you do not have the option of the other type of laser treatments.


Due to the elimination of the top layer of skin, the recovery from this type of treatment also takes a longer period of time.


  1. Vbeam:

This one uses a Pulsed Dye laser which is specifically subjected to the top acne and it reduces the scars but has some side effects on the veins under the scars as well.


Due to this reason, you have to look into the pros and cons of each and every laser treatment for acne and once you have looked into the pros and cons of each and every type of laser treatment, it would be easier for you to decide the laser treatment which you actually want to opt for.


Once you look into all of these points and then make a decision about the laser treatment options, you would be able to choose the treatment which is good enough for you. Some of the laser treatments can have a side-effect and therefore, you have to be careful while choosing such a laser treatment.

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