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How to Cover Up Acne With Foundation?

How to cover up acne with foundation

Acne is a pretty common problem and there are times when you actually need to hide your acne scars as well as the problem of acne. Especially when you’re attending a key event and you do not have the time till then to eliminate acne with the help of proper acne treatment. In such a situation, the best option which you have got is to cover acne with the help of the make-up. One of the best ways to cover up acne is with the help of the foundation.


How to cover up acne with foundation

We would be highlighting some of the specific steps which you can take to cover up acne with foundation.


  1. The 1st thing which you need to do is to find out the skin tone which you are having and match it with the shade of the foundation as well. If you are confused about choosing the shade of the foundation, you just need to visit the cosmetic store and they would be able to help you out as well.


  1. There are some specific acne compliant foundation options which are available as well and if you are normally allergic to foundation creams and other such cosmetics, it would be a good idea to opt for a foundation cream which is specifically made for sensitive skin.


  1. The first thing which you need to do is to clean your face and you can do that by washing your face and applying moisturiser as well.


  1. You need to take a small amount of foundation cream on your fingertip and instead of rubbing over the area where you have acne; you just need to pat it on that area which would provide you with a better coverage as compared to the rubbing mechanism.


  1. In the rest of the area, you can apply the foundation cream with the help of the sponge. Whenever you are applying the foundation cream on whichever part of your face, you have to be pretty gentle as well.


  1. In order to set the foundation which you are using you can use the matte face powder which would ensure that there is no extra shine on your face as some of the shine is already present due to the oils which are present in the part of the face which is suffering from acne.


So, if you want to cover up acne with the help of the foundation cream, all you need to do is to just follow these 6 steps and you would be able to cover up acne with foundation cream.

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