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Cystic Acne Home Remedy

Cystic acne home remedy

Many people might not know this but acne can be of plenty of different types as well. One of the most severe types of acne is the cystic acne. It is very difficult to choose the treatment for the right acne type. While there are some medication options as well as cream options for such a type of acne but they have a pretty harsh impact on the skin as well. Instead of choosing such options, you have to give preference to the natural remedies.


Cystic acne home remedy

Natural Remedies

The advantage of natural remedies is that they can work on any skin type and moreover they would not be producing any side effects on your skin as well. Here you find some remedies classed as cystic acne home remedy:


  1. Using baking soda:

You have to form a paste of baking soda by mixing half a teaspoon of baking soda with water. Then you have to apply it on the cystic acne area. You need to keep this mixture on the area for at least 20 minutes and after that you have to use cool water to remove it. This is considered to be the number 1 cystic acne home remedy.


  1. Using potatoes:

Potatoes contain alkaline in significant proportions and this is what helps you in reducing the oil content of your skin. You need to slice a potato and you need to rub it a bit on the affected area. You need to wash this area after 30 minutes and you would be able to reduce the effect of acne. You have to use warm water to wash this area.


  1. Using aspirin tablets:

You have to use up to 3 aspirin tablets and mix it in a tablespoon of honey and you have to apply this entire mixture on the affected area and leave it for up to 25 minutes and then you have to use lukewarm water to the wash. This cystic acne home remedy is not heard off often. The results we have had from our readers have  been pretty good.


These home remedies might be a bit unusual but when you look into the results of these home remedies, you would realise that the results are much better as compared to the other artificial solutions which are available. The solution is to not have any kind of side effects as well and therefore you have an advantage whenever you are trying to solve the problem of acne.


Instead of looking for over the counter solutions which are very harsh for your skin, you should be looking at these home remedies because they are easy to implement and also they can be done at your home without actually buying anything extra and they have produce results for thousands of people around the world already.

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